Plug Plants - Herbs


Six herb plug plants which continue to grow at home, perfect to keep on your window sill and to add extra flavour to dishes. The plants can be transferred outside and re-potted as they grow. The plants began their journey in a hydroponic farm with no pesticides, fungicides or herbicides - enhancing their quality and health benefits. Your order will contain Sage, Chervil, Coriander, Parsley and Basils.

*Postage included.  

Care Notes

The plugs are made from coconut husk which means that they will either need feeding with a small amount of a liquid fertiliser each week, or better still, pot them on into compost in pots and feed at weekly intervals to get the best from your plants. The whole plug can be moved into the compost, no need to remove the coconut husk which is biodegradable.

Coriander: Like most of us, Coriander loves the sun, but requires a little shade if it is too hot outside. Height & Spread: 60 x 30cm.

Parsley: Parsley prefers full sun, with a little shade and free-draining soil or compost. Height & Spread: 60 x 50cm.

Sage: Easy to grow and care for, Sage is healthiest in the sun or partial shade. Height: 30 - 35cm.

Chervil: Cut your Chervil regularly to prevent from flowering and extend it’s productive life. Height: 30 - 60cm.

Basil: Basil prefers a warm windowsill but not in direct sun - cut and use regularly. Height: 30 - 60cm. 

Vertically Farmed... cool!

We nurture our herbs, salads and edible flowers in a controlled growing environment so they arrive full of flavour and abundant, healthy goodness.

Plastic and pesticide free... check!

We don’t believe there is a need for herbicides and pesticides in the growing cycle, so we refuse to use them. Even better, all of our cut product packaging is 100% compostable.

Delivered fast and efficiently

Thanks to our 24/7 operation, we  pick our crops fresh overnight and deliver them to London restaurants the next morning. For homes, we ship for delivery the next day.