For Home Cooks

The best produce, vertically grown... year-round

Delivered UK-wide
The best produce, vertically grown... year-round
For Chefs

Working direct definitely works

We work directly with some of the best restaurateurs and food businesses around the UK
Working direct definitely works

Want the best?

There is a better, more efficient way to grow food.

A few supporters of ours

Ingredients that are grown to meet the standards of some of the best chefs and restaurants around

Vertically Farmed... cool!

We nurture our herbs, salads and edible flowers in a controlled growing environment so they arrive full of flavour and abundant, healthy goodness.

Plastic and pesticide free... check!

We don’t believe there is a need for herbicides and pesticides in the growing cycle, so we refuse to use them. Even better, all of our cut product packaging is 100% compostable.

Delivered fast and efficiently

Thanks to our 24/7 operation, we  pick our crops fresh overnight and deliver them to London restaurants the next morning. For homes, we ship for delivery the next day.