LIVE wheatgrass - 16 punnets

Wheatgrass is a health hero; used commonly in smoothies and wider health-focused cooking. Each box contains 16 live (growing) punnets of wheatgrass, which will continue growing for up to a few weeks if watered and provided with light. This allows you to harvest when you're ready. Shipping is UK-wide. Products are sent out by one of our distribution partners, Royal Mail or DPD - note that deliveries commence from 2nd June due to COVID. Please note in the comment box at checkout if there are specific delivery instructions to be aware of.

Vertically Farmed... cool!

We nurture our herbs, salads and edible flowers in a controlled growing environment so they arrive full of flavour and abundant, healthy goodness.

Plastic and pesticide free... check!

We don’t believe there is a need for herbicides and pesticides in the growing cycle, so we refuse to use them. Even better, all of our cut product packaging is 100% compostable.

Delivered fast and efficiently

Thanks to our 24/7 operation, we  pick our crops fresh overnight and deliver them to London restaurants the next morning. For homes, we ship for delivery the next day.