Micro Shiso (Purple)


Purple Shiso (or Perilla) is a favourite among our restaurant customers and has many uses. With delicate leaves and a variety of purple and green colours, the leaves present well but also offer a lingering taste that goes well with fish dishes, especially tuna-based. Leaves are available to order – small or large.

Weight: 15g

Vertically Farmed... cool!

We nurture our herbs, salads and edible flowers in a controlled growing environment so they arrive full of flavour and abundant, healthy goodness.

Plastic and pesticide free... check!

We don’t believe there is a need for herbicides and pesticides in the growing cycle, so we refuse to use them. Even better, all of our cut product packaging is 100% compostable.

Delivered fast and efficiently

Thanks to our 24/7 operation, we  pick our crops fresh overnight and deliver them to London restaurants the next morning. For homes, we ship for delivery the next day.