Probably one of the most well-known products that we grow – pea shoots are durable, long-lasting, and exploding with pea flavour.


Microgreens are more mature than sprouts but are harvested before reaching full maturity. In the past, they’ve been most commonly used in fine dining restaurants, but are now becoming popular across households and a wider set of restaurants. Studies have found that in general, microgreens have considerably higher levels of vitamins and carotenoids when compared to their mature plant counterparts. This makes them great for many purposes beyond traditional cooking, including diet regimens, and for toddlers and growing children learning about the importance of vegetables and healthy eating.

General Information

All of our products are pesticide-free and grown at our urban farm in Deptford, South-east London. We ensure that our produce is always harvested on the same day as delivery to customers and usually, within 6 hours. Our produce arrives at your front door via our electric van with fewer food miles, further minimising the impact of our food on the environment.

Keep the produce refrigerated for a shelf life of up to 7 days. If stored at room temperature, consume within 2 days.

Please be aware that this product may contain traces of mustard and celery.